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Subscriptions for strategic planning, basic troubleshooting, and email support.

Project-based consulting for hands-on guidance before, during, and after an implementation.

Not sure where to start? Let us help you decide.


A Jetelligence subscription unlocks software insights and digital strategy. Subscriptions are ideal for when you're just getting started or know you need extra support without hands-on project management or system administration. Plans are designed to scale up or down depending on your goals.



Every month

A balance of affordability and value for those seeking more support.

Valid for 3 months

Three (3) month program (continue as needed)

Ten (10) troubleshooting questions per month

Weekly 1-hour virtual meetings

Response time guarantee (within 48 hours M-F)

Early access to resources and knowledge

Newsletter subscription

No set-up fees, no surprises, cancel anytime





Every month

Experience top-tier consulting with our premium package.

Valid for 3 months

Three (3) month program (continue as needed)

Unlimited troubleshooting questions

Weekly 1-hour virtual meetings

Dedicated account manager with 24/7 availability

Priority response time guarantee (within 24 hours M-F)

Monthly digital strategy sessions

Early access to resources and knowledge

Newsletter subscription

No set-up fees, no surprises, cancel anytime

Paid plans auto-renew monthly for 3 months, or until canceled. While our goal is for you to feel empowered to continue your digital journey without the need for perpetual support, options to renew will be presented at the end of each plan period.





Start with our Free plan for basic information and get to know the experts behind Jetelligence.

Valid for one month

No fees - seriously!

One (1) month program

Three (3) questions per month via email

Access to basic resources and knowledge

Newsletter subscription


Jetelligence projects range in scope of complexproduct implemetnations and customizations to simple analysis and modifications. These are hands-on efforts where we involve your team while providing the tools and templates needed to progress digitally.

In addition to subscriptions, we offer project-based services. Our focus is on quality completion at the project level, as opposed to estimated hours worked. Explore the services we provide by tabbing through the menus above.


Projects start around $2,000. Let us customize the right combination of services to fit your unique needs and goals. 

Ready to get started? Schedule an intro call with our team.

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We are seriously passionate about digital strategy. Whether you are a new subscriber, an existing client, or not yet decided, we welcome you to check out our growing library of resources. Be sure to check back regularly for updates.


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